Friday, March 5, 2010

March Roars In

March at my house didn't come in like lion or lamb, but like a consumptive old geezer. We've slowly been passing bronchitis around the house and February was basically like a tubercular ward. Fever, mucus, coughing, and my birthday. Great things that go great together.

The net results of being that sick for that long were, in no particular order:
  • Seeing many more hours of olympic coverage than is healthy for anyone. Adding to NBC's constant re-churning of highlights, I think I saw every medal win by an American at least six times. Given the weather, the judging, the ceremonies, and Bob Costas' hair, this may have been one of the worst Olympics ever. Sorry, Canada.
  • Watching terrible movies on TV for lack of energy to press the remote buttons. Why is any network showing a double-feature of Volcano and Dante's Peak? Do they think two awful movies can somehow add up to some form of watchable entertainment?
  • Fearing all the work that is piling up. With a 103 degree fever, you really can't concentrate on anything much (hence my olympics binge), so all the work I should have been doing just collected in one big electronic pile. Now that I'm back on my feet, I'm buried under senseless crap I've got to take care of.
  • Tunnel vision. Your focus narrows down to only the things that absolutely MUST be done. Everything else just drops by the side of the road. So, sorry for all the e-mails and invitations I haven't returned.
Although I'm on my feet again, and the olympics are over, now my kids are sick, which is actually worse than being sick yourself, because there's no way you can take the bullet for them. So, I've got a couple more weeks in the sick zone. Hopefully, when we're done, spring will be here.

Coming soon: a blog post that isn't bitchy or whiny.