Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Little Thanks

In the few hours before it's officially Thanksgiving here in America, I'm trying to engage my personal attitude adjustment function.  You know, that little mental switch you make to allow just a little decompression from work, family, politics, and every other stress factor I seem to carry in the tendons of my neck.

I'm usually only moderately successful at relaxing, so my mental switch is actually the size of that circuit breaker in Jurassic Park.  I am making an effort, though, because no mater how trite it sounds, it's good to step back a little from your own life and count the blessings.

Don't get me wrong.  Everyone has struggles, some more profound than others.  I've got my share, but they'll still be there after the holiday, so I'm making the attempt to focus on the good stuff for the immediate days ahead.  I'm as guilty as everyone else of taking some basic things for granted and perhaps I've got to be working harder on being thankful.  I've got a family, a job, a place to live.  The number of people I've helped in life is larger than the number of people I've harmed.  I've got some really good friends.

While it's probably part of human nature to constantly strive for more of everything (probably a throwback to times when basic resources were scarce), it's worthwhile to take a look at just what we have.  I have many things.  I am blessed.  I hope you can feel the same way.

Happy Thanksgiving.